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Airborn Cattery
About US


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About our combined Cattery

Bj Nerenhausen has a very full life. She and her husband run a pet Grooming and Pet food Store in Oshkosh called THE PET CENTER.  She also Raises and Trains Fresian Horses. 

Bj's daughter picked this girl to have as her very own, and we think she is very special

Technicolor's WortheveryEuro

This is a wonderful Kitten/cat that did SO WELL in her SHOW CAREER, and I was priveleged to have Bred her and shown her.

A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This is a beautiful little Filly of BJ Nerenhausens she raises wonderful Friesian Horses.


This is a Baby Fresian that BJ has bred and raised. One of Bj's loves in life


Two of my favorites; my hubby and Black Bear, our Pomerian. (really jim's dog)